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Courtney Richardson

Welcome to catdorable.com. My name is Courtney Richardson, I am a blogger, and cat owner.In addition I am a freelance writer for Page Marketing.  I write for this website because I love cats not just because they are animals, but they are wonderful companions for people.

Another reason I started this blog/website is that I was the go to person for my friends and family with regard to questions about taking care of cats. When I took my cats to the veterinarian (I own a domestic shorthair and a black cat) for their annual checkups, I asked numerous questions about cat health and nutrition. I also bought a lot of books some of them in pdf file on cat breeds, cat nutrition and cat travel to learn about these topics, but to use the information to make decisions on purchasing cat food or making homemade meals or buying the best soft or hard travel carrier for my cats.

When friends and family asked questions about cat care issues, they wanted to know what I thought and I was giving then encyclopedic answers without coming off as a smart Alec. Most of my answers or advice was in the form of practical answers that they could implement almost immediately. Everyone was happy with my approach, because it did not make them feel as not intelligent, but as helpful common sense knowledge anyone can use and that is how I want people to feel after reading my blog post.

In the end this blog is for people who want to know how to take better car of their feline friend by being better informed with helpful practical knowledge. Read on and enjoy!

You can contact me at courtney@catdorable.com

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